New Horizons

Chapter One: Dylir's Adventure Begins

It began just like any other day. I was at home in the Silver Bough Tavern playing and singing for the entertainment of travelers and and locals assembled in the dining hall for the noon meal. Although mild outside a pleasent fire warmed the room, as my songs soothed the souls of the patrons of my families inn.

I was not yet done with the third verse of the bawdy, ‘Ballad of Darvin the Dick,’ when a panicked cry came from out in the square. Quickly I set my lute aside and bounded for the door, but it seemed that I was not alone in recognizing the call of adventure. Master Battlebrew, axe at the ready, a red skinned tiefling paladin, and a hooded and cowled archer all answered the call as I did.

Running into the square we did see the source of the cry. The farner Oldman Dooley was persued by a horde of armed goblins. It was clear that he was injured and terrified, so I took of to aid him as the others began a counter offensive against the dimiuative attackers.

Once the elderly farmer’s wounds were healed, and his safety certain, I too drew my blade and entered the fray against the horde of invaders. With axe, arrow, sword, and flail we heroes did slay every last of the dozen attackers.

As soon as the battle ended I returned to Oldman Dooley’s side, and he told us that the goblin raiders had attacked his farm. The villians had murdered all in residence there save himself and his grandson who had been captured by the fiends. I swore that I, and surely these other brave heroes, would do all that we could to rescue his grandson and avenge those lost.

Our gruesome work done , and the oldman’s tale told, we noticed a crowd had begun to form in the square from the surrounding businesses and homes. The paladin did than address the crowd declaring his name to be Lazurus, and assuring the people of their renewed security. His speech complete he looked to me, as if to ask if I had anything to add. I simply smiled and showed my approval by raising my thumb.

Sir Lazurus then stepped down from the platform. I quickly introduced myself, and Master Battlebrew, to the assembled heroes before inviting them all into the Silver Bough for refreshments. Inside we learned that the hooded archer was none other than my half-brother Elyn! He seemed a dour sort, but I am sure that given time I can raise the spirits of my kin from my fathers side.

Master Battlebrew had scarce had time to finish a tankard of ale before we were called to one of the private dining rooms to meet with the Lord Mayor Sigmund and Chase, The High Warden himself! The Mayor and High Warden did then listen intently to my recounting of the battle and of Oldman Dooley’s plight when Master Battlebrew produced a scrap from a banner retrived from one of the goblins. The High Warden recognized it imidiately as belonging to the Pale Eye Goblins, a tribe that was attacking the Vale.

Next the most wonderful event occured. High Warden Chase did charge us with finding one of the leaders of the Pale Eyes, and made us Vale Wardens! We were given a special signal arrow to alert the rest of the Wardens once we found the Pale Eye Leader, which Elyn kept safe in his quiver.

Before we set off for the abandoned coal mining town, where it was thought a band of the little brutes were holded up I took a moment to share with my new comanions what I knew of the Pale Eyes. I warned them that the leaders of the tribe do indeed have pale grey eyes, and from these completely grey orbs in their heads come their true power. The power to blast their enemies with bolts and beams of magic with powerful and destructive efect.

Once everyone was ready to venture forth I lead the group in a ritual to help speed our travel, and Elyn lead the way. The journey led us past Oldman Dooley’s once prosperous farm, now in ruins, east to the old coal town.

Although Elyn did lead us true, the goblins proved more crafty then we could have imagined. An ambush had been set for us, and once again we tested our skills against the hated goblins. Although the had the advantage of surprise it availled them not, and for the second time that day we were victorious.

After a short rest, durring which I tended my friends’ wounds, we continued on our quest. Soon we had found the ruined town, and the vulgar laughter and shouts of both orcs and goblins could be heard from amongst the husks of what were once the homes and businesses of good folk. My blood boiled at the corruption of it, and my hand went for my blade unbiden.

Although it seemed clear that the old temple, a stone building which showed the less of the ravages of time and the fire that had leveled the town, was most likely where the Pale Eyed leader would take his rest, we were loath to leave enemies at our back when we assaulted it. Instead our first strike was against a group of four burly orcs in the burned out remains of a house.

I opened the door of the ramshakle dwelling so that Master Battlebrew could charge in, which he did, but the orcs meet him in the doorway and created a bottle neck. By the time the axe weilding dwarf had pushed the orcs back enough to make room for Sir Lazurus one of the scoundrels had lost his nerve and dove out the window. I gave chase, slashing him with my sword, and Eyln shot arrow after arrow at the coward. I am ashamed to addmit he out ran me, but just when it seemed he would escape Eyln shot him dead.

Quickly my brother and I ran back to the shack to find our allies victorious as well. We were unstoppable. Three victories for the newest Vale Wardens in one day!

Although it was dusk, there was more to do. Dooley’s grandson was still captive, and we had yet to find the Pale Eyed goblin. Our valliant warriors needed to take a quick rest first, and after tending to their wounds I took a look around the shack for clues. I found a missive writen in the giant tongue, and something else. Burried beneith the debrise a magical sword, a Bard’s Songblade!

My revelry was dulled when Sir Lazurus revealed what the letter contained. It spoke of the plans of the Pale Eye Tribe to attack the halfling village to the west. Once we had delt with the brigands here we would certainly see more battles with these Pale Eyes.

Session3: The Elves of Larithua

Wherein the Company of the Vale heads down river to the elven forest of Larithua. Nearing there destination they a set upon by an elven scouting band controlled by madness.
Also they arrive in the elven capitol and learn of troubling news.

Session 2: Goblin of the Pale Eye

Wherein the heroes fight off the Goblin leader and report back in to the mayot of Owen’s Falls.

Session 1: The Goblin Offensive

Wherein the heroes stave off a gobline warband. Become deputy Vale Wardens and assault the goblins encampment.


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