The Vale

The Vale is a temperate and verdant land protected from extreme weather by the surrounding mountains, hills, and the huge trees of the Forest of Larithua. The summers are long, and while winter brings some snow, the falls and lake rarely freeze entirely. This makes the land perfect for farming, and many villages and farms dot the countryside surrounding the lake and town. It is a peaceful and pastoral land.

The Town of Owen’s Falls is situated on the banks of the Upper Ellysra River where it meets Sky Mirror Lake. Owen’s Falls, from which the town takes it’s name, can be seen crashing down a massive cliff north of the town. The falls are bisected by a rocky outcropping on which grows a large tree with silvery grey bark, and bright green leaves.

Sky Mirror Lake is a long narrow lake that runs north to south in the bottom of a the valley. It is a clear calm lake rich with fish and fowl, and it empties out into the Lower Ellysra River which flows west through the Primal Forest of Larithua, home of the elven clans.

The cliffs north of the town are part of (a great mountain range, name needed) which is home to giants, goblinoids, and other monstrous humanoids, but east of Owen’s Falls is the Dwarven Hold known as Farmountain.

The Vale

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