Farmountain gets it’s namesake from it’s distant geographical relation to the other Dwarven holds in the mountain range (yet to be named). The dwarves have taken to calling their home Glangirn, which translates to “forgotten/lost mountain hold”. It lies on the edge of the (mostly) human lands near Owen’s Falls.

Once a part of a greater Dwarven alliance, Farmountain declared it’s independence in a previous age. The schism came about during a great war with a goblinoid and giant host, in which Farmountain had to fend for itself whilst under siege. Depending which dwarf you ask, it was either abandoned by the alliance, or impossible to rescue due to the constant onslaught and sieges throughout the allied holds. While some other holds fell to the invaders, Farmountain held out until the war’s end. Having no communications with the other holds, some believed they were the only dwarves to survive. Years passed until they could safely emerge. They discovered that the lands had been mostly cleansed of goblinoids and giants by a large human host who were settling and expanding their lands.

Communication was eventually reestablished between Farmountain and the rest of the holds, led by the High King. The dwarves of Farmountain had already established a new royal lineage of their own, styling their ruler(s) as “The Forgotten King”. Farmountain refused to recognize the High King’s authority, especially as they saw themselves as abandoned by the rest of the Dwarven alliance.

The High King saw the new Forgotten King as either illegitimate, threatening or traitorous, depending on which dwarf you ask. This disagreement led to a civil war amongst the dwarves, of which neither side seemed the clear victor. The fighting eventually ceased, with Farmountain retaining it’s independence. Due to the massive bloodshed and mounting pressure from the lesser kings, The High King was left little choice but to end the conflict. Never officially relinquishing power over Farmountain or recognizing their legitimacy, he banished them from the alliance, calling them, “Bastards of Stone”. Much to the High King’s annoyance, the dwarves of Farmountain took to the insult as a badge of honor which they proudly boast of up until today.

Many lifetimes have passed since then, and while dwarves of different factions may not be outwardly hostile to one another, it still breeds mistrust and contempt. The dwarves of Farmountain are less aloof than the rest of their kin, yet more stubbornly independent and prideful due to their history. Some of the old wounds were partially patched over through diplomatic marriages, but most dwarves are still conscientious of old alliances and rivalries.


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