Forest of Larithua

The Forest of Larithua is an ancient forest of massive trees that makes up the western border of The Vale. It is home to a druidic community of elves who have lived in harmony with the forest for far longer than the humans have made The Vale their home.

The elves live in homes shaped from the living trees far above the forest floor connected to one another by avenues formed by the interlacing of the trees great boughs. They live off the bounty of the land hunting and gathering food and materials from the forest floor, the Lower Ellysra River, and amongst the great trees’ branches.

A Tribunal of druids rule over the forest and its inhabitants. They direct the elves in nurturing and protecting the forest, as well as offer them spiritual guidance.

While there are many small clusters of elves throughout the Forest of Larithua the largest settlement is located in the center. This place is known as Vanna Areal, Forest Heart in common. It is the seat of the Tribunal of Larithua, and is considered a holy place as well as a home to the majority of the elves of Larithua.

Forest of Larithua

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