Town of Owen's Falls

The Town of Owen’s Falls is the largest settlement in The Vale. Its residents are mostly human, with some halflings, elves, half-elves, dwarves, and a gnomes in that order. Humans make up roughly 80% of the population. Many of the elves, dwarves, and gnomes are just visiting, or live there for a time before returning to their homelands or just moving on. There may be a tiefling, or other more exotic race here or there, but not enough to make up a population in the community.

Owen’s Falls is governed by a Mayor and a Town Council. The Council is chosen by various groups in the Town, and most of its members belong to one of the Founding Families of Owen’s Falls. The druids have a representative who is a full member of the council, and one member is a representative of the halflings. The Mayor is chosen by popular vote, and it is his job to set the course for the Town and its satellite villages and farms.

The current Mayor is Sigmund Parhan. His most notable accomplishment as Mayor of Owen’s Falls has been the establishment of the Vale Wardens.

Ties of history and trade exist between the people of Owen’s Falls and those of the Forest of Larithua and Farmountain although no formal alliance currently exists. It is the hope of the Mayor, and many of the citizens, that such an alliance can be forged.

Town of Owen's Falls

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